The More We Give, the Better We Do

We’re a principle-driven organization, which means ideals like philanthropy play big roles in the way we operate. We look for chances to take part in community events throughout the year, because we believe the success of Metropolis Charity Events makes us responsible to our community.

We’re currently looking for a new nonprofit to support outside of our work with mission-driven organizations in the near future. Everyone in the office wants to get more involved, so we’re getting feedback from all our team members on which cause is most important to them. This way, when we make our decision, it will be a need we all feel passionate about meeting.

“It’s great to be on a team that is excited about giving back,” stated Brian, President of Metropolis Charity Events. “We all want our company to be successful financially, but we know that true success is more than dollar signs. Real victory also includes associates who are in the process of achieving their full personal and professional potential, and being pillars in the Burbank community.”

Helping those in need is also something that has a positive impact on our company. For instance, we gain a greater sense of purpose about our work when we give back, knowing that as Metropolis Charity Events prospers, so too does the surrounding area. This motivates us to work even harder in our roles.

We’re more than fundraisers; we’re a force for good. Learn more about our culture of giving by liking Metropolis Charity Events on Facebook.