Make Your Mark as a Public Speaker

Public speaking is important to success in just about every field, but it is especially crucial in business. Being an effective presenter requires a great deal of learning and diligence. Our team members receive plenty of support as they hone this ability. Here are some of the lessons they learn in the Metropolis Charity Events training program:

• Master Nervousness: If you don’t take control of the pre-speech jitters, they’ll take control of you. As we remind our team members, lots of practice significantly reduces anxiety. The more you know your content, the better off you’ll be. It also helps to think about nervousness as positive energy. Reframing it this way will make it more manageable.

• Break It Down: You may be an expert on the subject matter, but your audience members aren’t. That’s why they want to hear from you! If you’re sharing complex information, break it into bite-size points. This way, it will be more relatable to your listeners.

• Exude Confidence: Our team members learn to express their confidence when speaking on behalf of Metropolis Charity Events. When they are self-assured, their audiences are more receptive to the messages being conveyed. Similarly, your listeners will trust you when they see that you have faith in yourself.

These strategies fuel successful public speaking.

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