How to Make Charity Part of Your Business

Of course, with a name like Metropolis Charity Events, one might expect that we’re all about philanthropy. And by the nature of our business, we’re certainly big on supporting change agents who are making a difference in the world. However, any company can find a way to give back. Brian, our President, shares how firms of all sizes can help good causes:

• Have a Strategy: “The number one thing a firm needs to do before the team engages in philanthropic activities is to have a plan,” Brian stated. “This process includes identifying the time and resources available, how frequently to give back, and who will be organizing the plan. Some companies might be able to do an annual event, then build up to a more routine program.”

• Scope Out the Community: “Team Metropolis Charity Events is right out in our neighborhoods and regions, which is why we’re familiar with the people and needs,” Brian explained. “A firm just starting out might want to become more in tune with the different agencies and what’s important to residents who live in the surrounding area.”

• Decide on Causes That Are Good Fits: “Savvy companies will partner with causes that are either aligned with their own business missions or close to their team’s heart,” Brian remarked. “This way everyone benefits.”

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