What to Look for in a First Job

Graduation is over. The caps have been thrown and the celebrations are concluded. For recent college graduates around the country, the next phase in life’s journey has begun: job hunting. As everyone in our
Metropolis Charity Events office knows, taking those first career steps can be stressful, but with the right knowledge on what to look for and expect, the future outlook can be amazing.

“The best advice I would give grads is to sit down and list out the skills and knowledge they have acquired – not just their degrees,” said Brian, Metropolis Charity Events’ President. “You’d be surprised how many skills are transferrable to careers you might not have considered.”

The company’s mission and culture are also key to finding the right place to work. “Candidates need to consider whether they will like coming to work each day and feel rewarded in what they do. One of the things that makes working at Metropolis Charity Events exciting is we’re making a difference in communities by working alongside change agents who are keeping kids safe and off the streets,” Brian explained. “We’re a tight-knit group, with a zest for fun, which reflects our culture.”

Professional growth is another factor jobseekers need to consider when selecting companies to which to apply. “Ask yourself, does the firm offer any ongoing learning plans or a career path to follow?” asked Brian. “Our paid training and coaching programs set our people up for success.”

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