We Encourage Development Through Internal Promotions

Personal and professional development are both Metropolis Charity Events priorities. Everyone should have the chance to achieve their potential both in business and in life.

This viewpoint affects the way we do things, including our pledge to promote from within. When people join our team, they find that we’ve written out career paths for every entry-level position, and that we’ve also made clear the expectations for advancement. As a team member masters the skills of a role, they find themselves in position for a Metropolis Charity Events promotion.

We promote only on the basis of merit, not length of time with the company or how popular someone is around the office. Event managers move up the ranks as they prove they are ready to handle more work. This ensures that the most qualified people are in positions of leadership, and that our newest team members are being trained and mentored by managers who know, from experience, what it takes to succeed.

Creating career paths gives us another advantage as well – it helps us teach team members how to set and achieve goals. Being goal oriented is a useful skill in our industry, and teaching this mind-set is another way in which we highlight the well-being of our people.

Our team is our greatest asset, and by helping our event managers achieve their potential, we make our company more successful. To learn more about our development approaches, follow Metropolis Charity Events on Facebook.