We Cultivate the Conditions for Your Success

If you’ve ever wanted to build a career while making a difference in the world, now is the time to join Metropolis Charity Events. We work with change innovators to generate awareness for causes that keep kids off the streets and strengthen neighborhoods throughout the country. The business-minded will find our roles to be fulfilling challenges.

“We’re looking for people with great attitudes and who show consistency in the workplace,” shared Brian, President of Metropolis Charity Events. “We have a thorough training system, and we can develop anyone who is willing to put in the work and is thirsty for success. Our company provides opportunities to thrive while developing yourself both personally and professionally.”

There are many perks to being a part of our team. Our learning system is one of the first that new hires experience: from day one, we pair them with coaches and mentors, and then immerse them in ongoing campaigns to provide practical experience. We also use several other approaches to education as well, ranging from classic classroom methods to weekend conferences and retreats.

Recognition is a compelling benefit. We show our gratitude to associates who embrace our mission through in-house promotions, trips, and other public acts of appreciation. This creates a loyal and engaged team that knows their contributions are valued.

We’re not just making a profit; we’re making a change. Find out more about our mission and values by following Metropolis Charity Events on Facebook.