Clear Goals Help Us Exceed Expectations – Even Our Own

Status quo is never good enough for Team Metropolis Charity Events. We believe in pushing the envelope and keeping an open mind when it comes to policies, procedures, and even daily habits.
The most important tools we have for maintaining this growth-oriented mind-set are goals. By learning how to set clear objectives and then working toward them, we create opportunities to improve on our past performances, as individuals and as an organization.

Our leaders set goals for every facet of Metropolis Charity Events – not just revenue. We look for progress in such areas as number of internal promotions, number of trips our top producers qualify for, and even number of charitable events we support throughout the year.

As a team, we enjoy getting involved with worthy causes and helping those in need. Not only does this make us feel good individually, it gives a deeper sense of meaning to the work we do to raise awareness and money for D.A.R.E. America. Philanthropy isn’t just a job for us; it’s a way of life and we’re committed to making a difference any way we can.

Our passion for being change agents extends far beyond our vocation. We’re leaders in the movement for healthier communities because it’s who we are – not just what we do. Find out more about our commitment to positive change by following Metropolis Charity Events on Twitter.