Characteristics of Promising Candidates

Metropolis Charity Events grows quickly, so we often find ourselves seeking fresh talent. We’re fortunate that many driven professionals are eager to join our team, though it’s sometimes difficult to find the best ones among so many promising people. Without fail, however, the following traits prove to be indicative of exceptional applicants:

• Enthusiasm: When we can feel a person’s positive energy as he or she enters a room, and when the individual talks excitedly about the chance to work with Metropolis Charity Events, we notice. Such enthusiasm tells us that the candidate doesn’t simply want a job; he or she wants a career with our company.

• Curiosity: Our hiring managers shouldn’t be the only people asking questions during interviews. Those who arrive prepared with their own inquiries show that they are open to learning. They also express interest by asking about our firm, the role in question, our goals, and the industry.

• Communication Skills: Applicants with the most potential are clear and concise in speech and in writing. Their résumés are easy to follow and their responses to questions are thorough and succinct. They also use body language to emphasize points and listen closely to our hiring managers.

We’re always on the lookout for these qualities.

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